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February 21, 2017

You know, I was going to...
added: 02-21-2017 12:00:00AM | link | comments: 0 reply

comment about that newest White House Tricky Dick, Jeff "Manmeat" Gannon but you're better off reading about it over at Americablog. I was going to discuss why the "newest" AIDS strain isn't a crisis but a cautionary tale (and as much about the consequences of getting tweaked on crystal meth as disease), but you can read about it in the New York Times. And I did want to say something kind and gentle about Maya Keyes finally coming out -- I say finally because the rumor and its evidence were floating around the queer blogosphere last summer -- but let's just say Father of the Year takes on a whole new meaning now.

Yeah, I was gonna say all, that but that was before the really hot news hit and all I gotta say is, man, Patty's beau is one hot butch dyke.


February 15, 2017

OK, days late and dollars short but...
added: 02-15-2017 12:00:00AM | link | comments: 1 reply

I'm keeping with my pledge to do lighter links, despite the pull of Big Time Headlines. First, PBS watchers should keep an eye out for the American Experience's Kinsey documentary. It aired last night in my neck of the woods, but perhaps you'll yet have the chance to see it. I caught the documentary last night and having followed Kinsey history, I didn't find anything groundbreaking in it. However, I did appreciate the various expert comments throughout and found Kinsey's now-elderly daughter absolutely charming. I'd love to have tea with them. The website's darn good, too.

Remember Harvard's H-Bomb sex magazine? Now there's BU's BOINK. Cool name but what's in that harbor water everybody's drinking up there? (Just kidding; I love Boston.)

It's the time of year when the major Best of anthologies start getting press. Check out this review of Best Lesbian Erotica and this interview with Susie Bright (ed., Best American Erotica series). As well, Naughty Spanking Stories, while technically not an annual Best of, gets more press too.

I've been remiss in pointing out that author Violet Blue podcasts. Most cool.

Last, this story's a little old, but a couple of weeks back, NPR reported about soldier poetry slams in Iraq. If the spoken word is evidence of anything, they sure miss sex with their loved ones a lot. Wish there was a care package for that. Or a magnetic bumper sticker. "A satisfied soldier is a battle-ready soldier" perhaps?

February 10, 2017

I love New York...
added: 02-10-2017 12:00:00AM | link | comments: 0 reply

Particularly this court ruling on the constitutionality of marriage. Yes, it might well require the test of a higher court, but with a mayor who seems as politically realistic about it as Bloomberg, marriage expanionists won't have to worry about a Virginia-style action. No, it ain't perfect, but no state that's seriously exploring marriage equalities issues without knee-jerking right into amendment land is free of controversy. Heck, it's happening right here in Connecticut.

I'm very glad, as well, that my governor remains adament against a state marriage amendment as our legistators yet again look at marriage equality issues. Mind you, Connecticut is reasonably far along in working equity into our laws. The legislature has reworked some laws to accommodate second-parent adoption, hospitalization next of kin, and certain probate matters. We're not at full parity yet, but we're far from Virginia and Ohio.

On the highest level, I agree that outing Jeff Gannon as a shill raises both security and credibility issues. But John's own blog shows that we're always just a stone's throw away from the administration's constant and sometimes queer hypocrisy, and there's plenty of indication that Gannon's as much hustler as shill. What I wanna know is who Gannon slept with to get his press pass -- and whether he had to wear his tighty whities and dog tags in the act. Yeah, I'm not taking the high road here. The current adminstration's losing credibility with me as each day passes; it no longer deserves it.

It's an odd convergence that in the midst of renewed culture battling, we get a retro look at the movie, Deep Throat. Funny, how the arguments surrounding the film haven't changed through the decades, despite the fact that American tastes have come to routinely include porn consumption.

I was a teenager when Deep Throat became a sensation and what I remember about all the brouhaha was our own teenage fascination with the fact that a woman could swallow dick. We didn't know about the movie's silly clitoris-in-the-throat premise and, frankly, we didn't need to -- the woman could swallow cock, for Pete's sake! That was fascination enough. A couple of years later, during the summer before college, the boy next door admitted he'd gone and seen Deep Throat and The Devil and Miss Jones. His impression? They didn't do much for him, but he was glad he'd seen them. Didn't do much for him? Well, he did strive to be a good if liberal Catholic back then. Me, I've yet to see the movies. But then, I never had to struggle against any Catholicism.

Tomorrow: Light and easy links. Come back for them.

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