In Print 2005

In Print

Most of my erotic fiction appears in small press anthologies and I'm very thankful for the editors and publishers in small press who give voice to us sex-radical, alternative writers. Far more so than the big publishing houses, small press publishers depend on consumers to stay afloat, so please support them with your hard-earned dollars. Thanks!

2005 Releases

The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Vol. 4
Maxim Jakubowski, editor
Carroll & Graf

Here in one electric volume is the finest erotic writing of 2002-2003, from writers around the world. These sensual and daring stories explore the erotic experience in all its weird and wonderful variety-tough and tender, mainstream and far out. Featuring intimate and titillating tales of, among others, how housework proves to be more seductive than sex and how a girl's illustrated body unveils the secret of her sexual life, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 4 is a must-have new collection that promises excitement and inspiration in equal measure. Features Debra's daring story, Under the Frog Bridge.

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Hot Women's Erotica
Marilyn Jaye Lewis, editor
Blue Moon Books

Coming May 2005: What's the one thing all women want in erotica? They want it hot — and that's what this book delivers. This giant new collection features hot new erotic stories that will appeal to wanton women everywhere. Featuring 21 outrageous stories, for women, by women — this book is perfect for fueling a woman's secret fantasies. Includes Debra's playful fetish tale, Awkward Confession.

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Best of Best Women's Erotica
Marcy Sheiner, editor
Cleis Press

Coming June 2005: Readers and critics everywhere have applauded the Best Women’s Erotica series. With stories that have raised the bar for women’s erotic writing, this series tells the truth about women’s sexuality in all its variety and emotional depth. Now readers can experience the hottest of the hot, the best of Best Women’s Erotica of the past six years, since the series began in 2000. This fearless collection covers a thrilling range of women’s sexual desires and exploits — straight, lesbian, bisexual, rough, delicate, dangerous, imaginative — by writers as accomplished as Isabel Allende, Carol Queen, Maryanne Mohanraj, Hanne Blank, Alison Tyler, and Helena Settimana. Includes Debra's celebrated story, Tic Sex.

~With More to Come~